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APRIL 20 at 9:00 PM                       HU / Timothy and the Things: YOUR MOTHER AT MY DOOR


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APRIL 25 at 8:30 PM                       HU / Timothy and the Things: YOUR MOTHER AT MY DOOR


(Maďarsko | Hungary)

László Fülöp

Completed his studies at the Budapest Contemporary Dance School, since then has worked with numerous Hungarian and international dance makers. The core topic of László’s interest is based on exploring and analysing all forms of human social behaviours and communication issues, from all possible aspects, in their own completeness, without generalizations and prejudices: in a simple, pure and personal way. In 2016 he created his new piece for six dancers, titled Waiting for Schrödinger.

Emese Cuhorka

Contemporary dancer, performer and teacher. Emese Cuhorka completed her studies at the Budapest Contemporary Dance School in 2011. She has been a member of HODWORKS for eight years, works with Csaba Molnár and The Symptoms. Her secret improvisation games as a child has determined her freedom in her artistic work.

Your Mother at my Door

Creator-performers: Emese Cuhorka, László Fülöp

Music: Antonín Dvořák: IX. “New World” Symphony, Zoltán Mizsei

Lights: Orsolya Pete

Costume: Emese Kasza | Mei Kawa

Production manager: Dóra Trifonov

Producer: SÍN Culture Centre

Contact: Anikó Rácz international relations at racz@sinarts.org

Supporters: Visegrad Fund, National Cultural Fund, Open Latitudes3 – Culture Europe Programme, L1 Association, Workshop Foun­dation, MU Theatre


The duet utilises the seemingly useless time through dances created from everyday feelings and situations.

What could be so important that you haven’t got to call me back for three days? What’s the thing that you can’t stop for 5 minutes? You just cannot disappear like this! Nobody can disappear in such a way!

(categorising snowflakes, feeling uneasy at a dinner party, psychology of the laundry, I’m not stupid, putting off today’s to-do-list for tomorrow, I’m getting old, ponder on a pencil’s blunting, you should have said it yesterday, listening to his snuffling, what do they think of me, why can’t you just understand it)

“Fülöp and Cuhorka are on stage but are not characters. Their personality, presence breaks through all situations, poses and acts. They speak this complex, syncretic movement language with naturalness and naïve amazement that we – the audience – never think would be fixed choreography…. There are scenes seemingly borne in nothing, in the tiny, insignificant debris of being. And the transcription of these little nothings, insignificancies, weightless bits into movement will be gripping. The most exciting, enigmatic of all is really the way this movement adventure turning the language of ballet upside down is supplemented by these wildlings: the radical application of profane, not-dancy and sometimes not even so aesthetic movements.”

(CsabaKráll – critic)


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